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(Video 4) How to Build the Unbreakable Kinetic Chain 3 X Power Serve System!



(Video 4) How to Build the Unbreakable Kinetic Chain 3 X Power Serve System!

So here is the deal, the 3 X Power Serve System is officially open for enrollment.

Are you ready to eliminate all your Power Leaks and Build the Unbreakable Kinetic Chain?

Get over 2:30 hours of serve instruction that will rid you of power leaks and replace them with power sources.

You will also learn:

How to Eliminate Power Leaks
How to Build Power Sources
Leg Drive and Power: So you don’t have to muscle the ball with your arm
Core Power and Core Rotation: So you can build up extra momentum and tork leading into the racket drop
MAX Acceleration and Racket Head Speed: So you can FINALLY get the Feeling of effortless power!
Full Extension Contact Point: So you don’t work hard all the way up the kinetic chain just to hit a powder puff serve
Improved Timing: So you don’t have to work so HARD just to end up with disappointing results!
Start Fixing These Leaks Today:

The Wide Base Power Leak Stance: There are 4 common stance mistakes which limit your range of motion…FIX IT!!!

Toe Lock: Did you know your toes are a Vital Power Source on the serve…many players have Toe Lock….FIX IT!!!

Broken Knee: Some players bend too much, others not enough, and some lack timing in the legs….FIX IT!!!

The Cramped Core: Great tennis players use their core as a Big Time Power Source….if you don’t….FIX IT​

The Reverse Tilt: One of the things that drives me nuts as a coach is seeing players dive head first into the court…​

The Dreaded Hitch: Having a hitch is a momentum killer and robs you of racket head speed…..FIX IT!

The Beginner Toss you Never Grew Out Of: Most players don’t realize changing your toss can add power…FIX IT!​

The ​Limited Racket Drop: Most people think they are not flexible enough to have a great racket drop…wrong! …Fix IT!

The Short Arm Serve: Want to lose some serious racket head speed and MPH’s? Keep doing the short arm serve! Fix IT!​

Plus Get Access to Our Special Launch Bonuses:

Get Access to my 7 Day Power Practice Schedule so you are never lost in your serve transformation journey. Don’t waste any time. Always hit the court with a systematic approach that is guaranteed to get results

Download my 3 X Power Serve Check List- this shows you a list of all the possible power leaks…and reminds you of the key check points you have to master in the lower…core and upper body

Bonus 3 Hit the Gym with me so we can do exercises off the court that are going to continue to build your muscle memory while building strength in areas of the body that boost your serve speed.
Just added! Righty and Lefty Serve instruction videos. For players confused by Pete’s lefty serve, we have just thrown in Right Handed reverse camera angles videos!

And finally during this launch period we have different DEALS of the DAY…Win Tennis Apparel, Training Aides, and MORE!


If all 3X Power System did was add 15 mph to your serve…would it be worth it?

If all the 3X Power Serve System did was enable you to consistently win FREE POINTS in matches….would it be worth it?

If all the 3X Power Serve System did was added Fence Crushing Aces to your game…would it be worth it?

If all the 3 X Power Serve System did was give you NEW respect club from people who have disrespected your SERVE for years….would it be worth it?

Of Course it would be WORTH IT!!!!

So join today because you want a BIG SERVE, you will get better, it’s 100% Guaranteed for LIFE, and you have a chance to win something really cool today!!!!

Check out the link below:

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