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Valeria Palacino College Recruitment Video



Valeria Palacino from Bogota Colombia. Date of Birth May 25th-2000. Senior at Boca Prep International School, 3.7 GPA, Intends to go to college on the fall of 2018.

00:18 Live Ball Drills
(Forhands Crosscourt, Backhands Crosscourt, Inside outs)

03:39 Basket Drills
(Forehands, Backhand, Slices Down the Line and Crosscourt, Swing Volleys, Forehand and Backhand Volley, Overheads)

06:40 Point Play
(Serving and Returning Points)

10:00 Fitness Drills

10:44 USTA Fitness Testing

This video was filmed at Evert Tennis Academy by Coach Jacobo Hernandez. For any questions regarding college videos or any other kind of tennis videos please contact Edmee Morin or Jacobo Hernandez

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