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Tennis Lesson: The Complete Tennis Player Checklist



The Complete Tennis Player Checklist

What are the essential ingredients of the complete tennis player?

Pete Freeman from Crunch Time Coaching explains the 6 essential ingredients you must have if you want to become a complete player.

I am a USPTA Elite Professional, his YouTube channel has been voted Top 10 Instruction Channels in the world, and is a USTA Georgia Pro of the Year.

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I created a Free 4 Part Video Training series called The Mixologists.

In this series you will learn:

1. The 6 essential ingredients to become a complete tennis player.
2. How to start your matches playing in “The Zone.”
3. Pete’s favorite play to take all the pressure off you and place on your opponent when you get nervous on BIG points.

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I think you’ll get a lot out of this series!


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    Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis