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Tennis Coaching Tip – The 5 Ball Controls, 5 Game Situations & 5 Phases of Play

Following are articles based on the 5 Ball Controls, 5 Singles Game Situations and 5 Phases of Play in tennis.

The 5 ball controls in tennis are:

  1. Depth / Distance
  2. Height
  3. Direction
  4. Speed
  5. Spin

Articles on the 5 Ball Controls:

5 Ball Controls by USTA

5 Ball Controls by Ace Tennis

The 5 Singles Game Situations are:

  1. Serving
  2. Returning
  3. Both players back
  4. Approaching the net
  5. Hitting a passing shot

Articles on the 5 Game Situations:

5 Game Situations in Tennis by the ITF

Tactical Development using the 5 Game Situations by Tennis Ireland (From Page 32)

Singles Tactics including 5 Game Situations by Ace Coach


The 5 Phases of play are:

  1. Attacking Phase
  2. Forcing Phase
  3. Rally Phase
  4. Counter-attacking Phase
  5. Defensive Phase

Articles on the 5 Game Situations:

5 Phases of play by Tennis Resources

Building decision making using the 5 Phases of Play by PTR Tennis

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