Tennis Coaching Tip – Videos of Doubles Tennis Tactics

Without doubt the best doubles tactics book and video is “Doubles Tennis Tactics” by Louis Cayer and the ITF. It is a must for tennis coaches in teaching doubles tactics to players and also for players learning to improve aspects of their doubles game. Below you can see the complete 35 minutes of the DVD video broken into 3 parts, uploaded by YouTube user brad0gilbert.


Be part of a winning team on the court! “Doubles Tennis Tactics” teaches you what positions and movements to use and what shots to make using proven patterns of play. These patterns will increase consistency, put more pressure on opponents, and result in greater success in competitions.Developed in conjunction with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and world-renowned coach Louis Cayer, “Doubles Tennis Tactics” presents 103 playing patterns and drills that are most effective in specific match situations. Court positioning and movement patterns are covered for all four players–server, server’s partner, receiver, and receiver’s partner–as well as court coverage and special formations for the serving and receiving teams. Practice drills reinforce the patterns so that smart tactical decisions become automatic on every point. Study different styles of play and learn how to choose the patterns that will accentuate your own strengths as well as those of your partner. Use “Doubles Tennis Tactics” to play smarter and better with a partner, and become a winning two-player team!

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