Tennis Coaching Tip – Pre Serve Routine Videos & Articles

A pre serve routine is used to help players prepare mentally and physically for their serve. Below is an example of a pre serve routine along with videos of professional players and articles based on pre serve routines.

An example of a pre 1st serve routine would be as follows:

  1. Pick up tennis ball/s (if no ball boys/girls!).
  2. Think of your plan for the next point.
  3. Walk towards baseline bouncing the balls on the ground with the racquet.
  4. Position your feet behind the baseline.
  5. Bounce the balls with your hand while visualising a spot in the service box where you want your serve to go.
  6. Deep Breath.
  7. Serve!

There are many different routines, such as straightening your strings as you will see in the videos below:


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