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Sandra Aguirre College Recruitment Video



My college recruiting video is divided in the following areas:

Min 1:
Live Ball drills from forehand, backhand, Inisde outs, crosscourts and down the lines front view and back view.

Min 3:15
Basket drills of forehands, backhands, slices, Overheads, volleys, swing volleys Front view and Side view.

Min: 6:50
Fitness Exercises

Min: 7:50
USTA Fitness Testing

Min: 8:40
Point Play

In addition if interested I also have my Match Play Video

This video was film at Evert Tennis Academy by tennis coach Jacobo Hernandez if you have any questions regarding College videos please contact Evert Tennis Academy and ask for Jacobo Hernandez or Edmee Morin


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Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis

    Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis