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Sample Lesson Plans for Tennis

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32 Week Lesson Plan for Junior Group Coaching

This plan is ready to go into your tennis club junior group coaching programme. It covers Red, Orange, Green, Social, Development and Performance Groups. The plan is in Microsoft Excel and is available in different formats and languages on request. You can edit the plan to suit your needs and also print out the plan for your programme.

The plan is available to download after payment.


Included in the plan:

Red, Orange, Green, Social, Development and Performance weekly plans.

Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental areas.

Over 140 of my own Videos for all exercises including Fun Games, ABC’S (Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed), Circuit, Dynamic Warm Up, Skipping  Exercises, Ladder Exercises Ball Controls and Phases of Play.

Drills for 1st & 2nd Serve, Return, Groundstrokes, Approach, Passing, Volley, Smash in the 5 Game Situations.

Mental Goals for Performance Squads for Match play. (Can be used for any squads).

Handouts for Doubles Tactics, Doubles Formations, Groundstroke Stances, Serve Anticipation, Routines / Rituals and Stretches.

Filter results by ball category. e.g. if you just coach red ball groups, you can select just red ball groups and print out.

You can see a FREE SAMPLE PDF version of the first 5 weeks. Click on the blue links inside the document to view the Videos.

Spreadsheet is in Excel format. Other formats such as PDF and other languages available on request by emailing

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$59.99 (approx €49.99)

107 Sales

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