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Roger Federer’s Forehand Secrets | Osatennis360



Roger Federer’s Forehand Secrets | Osatennis360

I’m going to show you 5 reasons why Federer’s forehand is arguably the greatest weapon in tennis history, and most importantly what you can copy to give your forehand an edge over your competition.

1. Positioning- If you look at Roger Federer, and you look at any of the best pros in the game. One thing they all have in common is they are great movers… and most importantly they get in perfect position to hit the ball quickly. Meaning you want to be in position to hit the ball before the ball bounces on your side of the net. The bottom line is, if you watch most rallies at the highest level the player who is set up to hit his shot in good position earliest, is typically in control of the rally. And this is something you can definitely use in a rally, in practice, or even in a match, is to tell yourself and get yourself into position to hit the ball EARLY.

2. Contact point- We’re talking about the exact moment his strings touch the ball. And there’s two things I want you to be aware of here. The first is the fact that he makes contact at the 45 degree angle into the court, religiously. This is something I’ve covered at length in a bunch of my other videos… it’s the ideal contact point because it’s the balance point between the vertical and horizontal axis, and it makes changing the direction of his shot easier, because a fairly small wrist position at contact can change the direction of the ball completely.

The second part is the length of his arm at contact. this is just physics. I’m no science expert, in fact never was any good at it… but I do know that the longer a lever is, the more work it can do, in tennis, the more extended your arm is at contact, all things being equal, the more force you can put into the ball. This is a big sticking point with The Killer Kangaroo… because he’s got short arms. And Federer’s got a pretty straight arm at contact here… which is part of the reason his ball has the deadening THUD to it when you hear it. These are two elements of the contact point that YOU can copy, and it’s something I talk a lot more about in The Simple Forehand 2.0 which will be coming out soon.

3. The coil- And if you watch his stroke, you’ll notice how there’s a spiraling out of his arms away from his body, expanding into the hit. This is exactly opposite of what I see a lot of club players doing which is starting their arms away from their body, an then getting jammed into contact. We want your stroke to go inside out. With your arms starting in towards your body, and slowly, deliberately expanding outward into the hit. As for creating even more power, you’ll never see Federer SWING harder… what he does is he tightens his coil more. He creates more potential energy by keeping his body AWAY from the ball, more… and then he lets it go, and really LAYS into the ball. A little bonus tip here, is to realize that Federer’s elbow stays more towards his hitting side, which shortens the swing radius (improving his timing and speed of his stroke) without sacrificing any power. Some people call this the ATP forehand. Whereas the WTA forehand typically has a longer loopier swing, which makes timing it harder, without a substantial gain in power. So study Federer’s coil, and see if you can emulate what he does.

4- Federer’s head is always still at contact. He’s become kind of the poster child for this. And it’s so important. Because your head is so directly linked to your balance. I mean just try and walk around with your head bobbing around and see how it messes with your balance. Well, You can look at a million pictures of Federer at contact and you’ll notice that his eyes are always right there. This definitely is NOT the norm for rec players (and even some pros)… we tend to get curious, look off the ball, and as a result shank a lot more balls than we should. You can fix this by training your eyes to stay on the ball (and as you know The Eye Coach here is great for that). If you want one, I’ll leave a link for a discount down below.

5- Relaxation: As Will Ferrel called him yesterday, a SILKY Gazelle. And that’s so right on. You could walk behind Roger, sneak up on him and grab the racket right out of his hand during his backswing, and get his racket. He’s so loose during every part of his swing, up until right before contact. And that’s something we can all use more of. And you can practice this with a little awareness drill. Hit 10 balls, and after each ball you hit, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being super loose and 10 being tight like a tiger, just tell yourself how tight or loose you are… and work on getting each rep looser and looser.

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