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Magic Tennis Lesson: How to Start a Tennis Match in the Zone



Today we will focus on How to Find the Zone Quickly every time you enter the court.

In this video you will meet one of my star student’s Carver Arant and see how we start every practice session to help get into the ZONE which is elusive for so many.

Carver is one of the top players in USTA Georgia 18 and Under division and we rarely have a bad hitting session.

I give a lot of credit to how we start every practice and what we focus on.

In today’s video you will learn:

1. The #1 thing to focus on from your very first ball strike that will help get you in the zone.

2. Discover how this exercise set’s up Carver’s #1 play.

3. Look for mistakes you are probably making in your practice or pre-match warm up that is preventing you from playing your best tennis!




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Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis

    Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis