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Kick Serve Lesson | The 2 Most Powerful Drills to Building a Killer Kick Serve



In this video you’ll learn the 2 most powerful and simple drills to Building a great kick serve.

For The Simple Kick Serve:

This is hands down one of the most requested videos I get is help with the kick serve, because we know how powerful it can be to own one… you can hit that ball aggressively and still make a very large percentage of your serves because of the shape that you get on it… and If you’ve been struggling with your kick serve or if you are learning it for the first time, it’s critical that we get the ball spinning the right way first.

You see a lot of players that come to me for help are consciously or subconsciously are worried about hitting up on the ball, because they think the ball will fly out of the park, and everyone going to laugh at them or something… which I can totally relate to, because I used to think the same way and I definitely hit a few balls over the fence learning this thing. (Picture of me starting to hit up, then pulling it down)

But we know the topspin is what’s ultimately going to make the ball gain that nice safe height over the net, pull that ball aggressively down into the court, and cause it to kick up once it hits the ground.

And we can cure that really simply with these two steps that we’re getting into here.

Step one, is all about getting a feeling for the swing path, because it’s totally different than a flat serve. So what I want you to do is grab a ball, and sandwich it in slightly out in front of your body, directly above your head, and just practice rolling it up and down like this. This is going to give you the FEELING of creating that topspin on the ball. Now as a little bonus tip, once you’ve got a good feeling of this, you can easily spin the ball over the net like this, to really feel that release. Do this 20 or 30 times, or until you feel totally comfortable doing this.

As a side note, it’s absolutely key when you’re doing this, that we stay totally relaxed. Think about the last time you were on the beach having a margarita. That’s the level of looseness we want here and really any time we’re playing tennis. The only time we want to introduce grip tension is really right at contact, just to stabilize the racket head a bit.

Now, once you’ve got that, step two in this process is to get the ball spinning.

And we can do that really easily, but getting a cushion or something to kneel on, now, notice my knees are lined up here on the 45 degree angle… this is a piece that a lot of pros miss when they’re teaching this drill… and it’s absolutely critical to executing this shot. So I’m lined up on the 45 degree angle, I’m choking up on the racket here, kind of in a modified trophy pose, I toss the ball up, and just hit up on the ball over the net.

The reason we do this is on our knees is it’s much easier for your brain to think to itself… self, I better hit up on this ball to get it spinning int he right direction.

While you’re doing this stay totally relaxed, and just hit up on the ball… notice the racket is going to finish on your hitting arm side.

And that’s all there is it it… now as you can see, it’s really simple to develop a killer kick serve when you follow a proven system. And as you probably know by now, I’ve created a brand new training called The Simple Kick Serve where I literally walk you through, step by step the simplest, most effective blueprint I’ve ever seen to developing a great kick serve in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s now live, and you can check it out.. just click the link below to find out more. In the meantime, use these two drills, they’ll really help you on your path to developing a killer kick serve that virtually eliminates double faults and weak second serves forever. If you liked this video, do me a favor and give it a like, hit the subscribe button if you haven’t yet, and let me know what you thought in the comments down below. Thanks again, and I’ll see ya soon.


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