Ideas for Wet Weather Tennis Lessons

Sometimes the weather is too bad to play on the courts. It is not nice for the player or coach to have to cancel a lesson. You may not have access to indoor tennis courts but have access to a room where the players can still learn more about the game, such as how to score a match, tennis etiquette, tactics, footwork and more.

Following are some ideas for Wet Weather Tennis Lessons!

They are divided into 3 topics.

  1. Printouts of Fun Activities
  2. Instructional Videos
  3. Tactics / Footwork Handouts

Printouts of Fun Activities

Tennis Word Search (Free)

Tennis Vocabulary Sheet (Free)

Tennis Crossword Puzzle (Free)

Tennis Challenge (Free)

Tennis Alphabet Activity (Free)

Tennis Colouring Page (Free)

More Tennis Colouring Pages (Free)

Tennis Quiz (Free)

Instructional Videos

If you don’t have access to an internet connection, you can download YouTube videos from the following link below and save to your computer or handheld device.

Personally I bought a mini projector from Amazon and downloaded videos from links below onto a usb stick.

Tennis Scoring

Rules of Tennis

Tennis Etiquette

Louis Cayer Doubles Tactics

“Attack” with Andre Agassi & Nick Bollettieri

David Bailey Footwork

Essential Tennis Slow Motion Technique Videos of Tour Players

Spanish Tennis Academy Drills

15,000 Coaching Videos

Tactics Handouts

Tactics Court Template (Free)

Printable Doubles Formations ($1.99 / €1.70)

Singles Tactics ($1.99 / €1.70)

Doubles Tactics ($1.99 / €1.70)

Groundstroke Stances (€1.99 / €1.70)

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