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How To Hit Your Serve Big Like An ATP Tour Player



Simply using your arm to generate a big serve is not the way to go about it. You need to utilize your entire body in order to generate massive speed with less effort.

He starts with a platform stance pointing the left foot towards the right net post and the right foot towards the right fence.
Weight is on the left foot, head and shoulders slightly leaning over the baseline. This begins a momentum shift that will move  to the back or right foot.
The momentum shifts back to the left foot again while he begins the swing and separation of the left hand from the racquet.
As he goes into the trophy position, his weight shifts forward slightly. The purpose is to allow him to use his body weight as much as possible to add power to the serve. Most of the weight will be exploding upwards however slight forward momentum helps in not only adding power but makes the process a bit more effortless in getting into a proper trophy position.
This moment in time is where most of the energy is stored and where most of the power comes from in a serve.
Let’s work our way from the ground up.
First, the player is on his toes. This allows him to add a bit more jump into the ball. His back feet will lower slightly then go back up again adding more force.
Next, his knees are bent at almost a 90 degree angle. This provides a large amount of energy ad upward force into the ball.
The hips and shoulders are turned far right. His chest is pointed towards the right back corner fence.
His left hip is pointed towards the net and creates a bow like formation. This bow will also add power by snapping back straight when he swings into the ball.
Moving upwards let’s look at the angle of the shoulders. His right shoulder is much closer to the ground then his left shoulder. This is important. Having the right shoulder so low allows the player to game Extreme momentum and additional power into the serve.
Both this tossing arm in the racket head tip are pointed towards the sky. As you’ll see as I continue the video how that comes into play for adding more power.
As he begins to strike the ball all of the things he did that we discussed will start to uncoil if you will. He jumps into the ball by exploding out of the knee bend, then turns the hips and shoulders back to parallel with the baseline while moving the right shoulder upwards.
Now the racquet tip is pointed to the ground and the tossing hand is coming down as well. Let’s focus more on the racquet arm. As it drops, this also adds momentum to the swing and not so much brute force but racquet head speed.
Racquet head speed is necessary in any shot to add control to the ball through spin.
While the racquet is pointed down to the ground notice the space between the body and the racquet. You don’t want the racquet too close to the body as you lose power and control .
As the swing comes to the point of striking the ball the player is now off the ground due to the force of the knee bend.
The right shoulder is high as he is reaching to strike the ball and the left shoulder is now lower.
Once the ball is struck, the wrist pronates, again adding control to the ball.
The finish is also extremely important as the player needs to not only continue the swing path of the racquet but decelerate properly. His swing continues through and across the front of his body while falling into the court.
Too many people decelerate to quickly and stop the follow through midway through the body. This will lose you power and control.
One last tip, keep your head up looking at the ball as long as possible. You lose a lot of control when dropping your head too early.

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