How to Hit Your Fastest Tennis Serve | How to Serve Fast | Tennis Serve Lesson | Part 1

How to Hit Your Fastest Tennis Serve | How to Serve Fast | Tennis Serve Lesson | Part 1

Watch this video to learn how to hit YOUR fastest tennis serve using a simple, step by step process.

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Alright, the first thing you have to realize is the serve is unique in that 100% of the speed is generated by you. You don’t get to use your opponents power against you… and because of that, it’s critical that you improve your technique.

Now, the power in Every shot in tennis starts from the ground up… and in the serve, we’re going to push off the ground, start to rotate, and finally hit the ball… that’s called the kinetic chain, and it’s something I’ve talked a lot about in some of my other videos.

However! If you want the fastest tennis serve possible… that’s NOT how you should approach practicing this.

Look at it this way.. if you had a great knee bend, and you were even pre-stretching the muscles correctly, like the pros do… but your arm was like frozen stiff… you would get virtually NONE of the benefits.

When you’re working on hitting the fastest tennis serve possible FOR YOU… the most important thing is that you first have a smooth swing… a smooth hitting motion.

And we can develop that really easily here. I’m going to demonstrate with the Total Serve, which I’ll link to in the description… I’ve also seen some people use a ball in a long sock… the advantage of The Total Serve is you can actually practice serving with the correct grip and hardwire the proper motion into your muscle memory without worrying about the ball going in… which is one of the biggest killers when you’re improving technique.

So let’s take this step by step.

Now the whole key to this thing… in order to make this work… you have to be totally relaxed… imagine you’re the big spaghetti noodle that your mom cooked too long. That’s so key… to make all of this work. You GOTTA be loose…

Step 1 is you want to feel a nice easy throwing motion. So I’m going to get set up here, Now notice here, my elbow is parallel with the ground, my palm is down… it’s not flopping open…and I’m NOT “scratching my back”… drives me crazy when coaches teach that… it’s bad for a lot of reasons I won’t go into here.

this is so important… and if I were you, I’d video record myself doing this so you can make sure you’re in the right positions and watch this video over and over again… because chances are something will be a little bit off.

Ok, so we got that… foor now… we just want to get the weighted end moving here get the throwing motion rocking’ and rolling. So we’re going to do that… looks like this, got my left hand up like I just finished my toss.I’m reaching up as I throw… and I’m catching the cord with my opposite hand like this.

Now as I do this, notice that my hand is automatically turning out like this… the fancy word is “pronation” and it happens on every serve you hit. And it will happen automatically if you’re relaxed and this throwing motion is correct.

Now do that until it feels comfortable. Might take awhile depending on where you’re at. It’s not a race.. have fun with it, sing a song if it helps.

Great Job!

Step 2 is we’re going to work on the ol’ take back… start to give your serve some rhythm.

You can have a classic, Roger federer style take back big ol’ loop in the back, you can have more of an abbreviated motion… or it can even come out to the side a bit like this… that’s a style thing… up to you how you want to do it.

But the first thing you want to do is just relax and learn what it’s supposed to feel like no matter what kind of take back you’re doing.

So you’re going to be moving from the shoulder… suuuuper relaxed grip.

And what you want to do is just kind of swing back and forward like this. and gradually you want to get up to about a 180 degree arc.

The ball end here is moving on a pretty straight line… and what you want to do aside from video recording yourself here is just let your shoulder do what it wants to do.

What you don’t want to do is turn your hand… or twist your wrist… you’re going to let your palm stay down while you’re doing this.

Don’t be like michaelangelo from the ninja turtles with the nunchucks… ok… just stay nice and loose, let that shoulder roll in the socket and keep it smooth.

Alright on to step 3… you’re doing great! And believe it or not… you have everything you need… and we’re just going to start piecing this thing together.