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Ilja Semjonovs

Ilja Semjonovs, to make an understatement, is passionate about helping tennis players. Attached is short video and notes. Ilja’s project will help The Great Base and players of all levels.What happens when you combine Great Base and metronome. This combination is perfect mix for deep practice, that helps you train your rhythm/ timing, technique and visualization. In other words, a perfect exercise for growing myelin.
We had three different exercises:
1. Contact training; student had to time exact contact with the beat of the metronome, just as if it would be a contact with the ball, at first we start with 40 BPM (Beats per minute) and after each set of 30 secs, we increase by 20 BPM. (40, 60, 80, ) you can do groundstrokes, volley only or have combination of shots.
2. Checkpoint drills we broke down groundstroke into five steps, Ready position, pivot, three point landing, contact and recovery. We started with 30 BPM, and kept increasing each round by 20 BPM, until we got to 130 BPM at that pace shots looked like a full stroke creating a nice beat, which kept students engaged and processing with fun.
3. The tie-breaker drill, for this drill we used cones as a reference of the contact point with the ball and set up metronome for 40 BPM. Players had to start with the serve and go through the course with the same timing, trying to swing over the cones timed with metronome pace.

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