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Femke Tjon A Joe College Recruitment Video



My college recruiting video is divided in the following areas:

Min 1:
Live Ball drills from forehand, backhand, Inisde outs, crosscourts and down the lines front view and back view.

Min 2:57
Basket drills of forehands, backhands, slices, Overheads, volleys, swing volleys Front view and Side view.

Min: 5:37
Fitness Exercises

Min: 6:27
USTA Fitness Testing

Min: 7:00
Point Play

In addition if interested I also have my Match Play Video

This video was film at Evert Tennis Academy by tennis coach: Jacobo Hernandez if you have any questions regarding College videos please contact Evert Tennis Academy and ask for Jacobo Hernandez or Edmee Morin


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Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis

    Welcome to Rob Cherry Tennis