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2018 Wimbledon Manic Monday Live Hangout



Lots of great MUST see tennis TV today!

Mannarino vs Federer- My take- Mannarino will be way in over his head…no fire power…Federer will have lots of time to create breathtaking highlights

Agree or Disagree?

Serena vs Rodina- Rodina coming in off BIG win against Keys has a solid game but Serena is Serena…she will find a way to win even if it is NOT pretty.

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Nadal vs Vesely- Vesely has all kinds of talent but a very inconsistent perfomer. Look for Raging Rafa to get through easily and make a major run this year!

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Isner Vs Tsitsipas- A great match up. I really want John to win this one and if he serves BIG he will. But Tsitsipas is a REAL talent who could easily win a major some day.

This is a toss up for me…I am picking Tsitsipas

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Del Potro Vs Simon- Del Po is a crowd favorite and has way too much fire power for Simon. I see an easy straight set win here!

Could this be the year Del Potro goes all the way on GRASS? He has more than a punchers chance for sure!

Agree of Disagree?

Novak vs Khachanov – Scary scary match up for Novak. Khachanov has a BIG game. Big serve, solid backhand, MONSTER forehand.

I am predicting an UPSET here

Agree or Disagree.

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