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Want More Power on Overhead? Watch this NOW!

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Want More Power on Overhead? Watch this NOW!

The overhead in tennis is a shot that gives tennis players all over the world big time headaches.

The timing of the overhead can be very difficult to master, especially when your first move to the ball is off.

The end result is lots of unforced errors and also many tennis players struggle to find power!

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If you can copy my first move on the overhead you will dramatically increase your power and consistency on the overhead



USPTA Elite Professional: Peter Freeman has the highest level of USPTA testing certification. The USPTA is the largest and oldest coaching organization in the world.

He has made instructional tips with Brian Gottfried, Murphy Jensen, Charlie Pasarel, and Rick Leach. Most recently he made an instructional video course with tennis legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.