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Tennis Lessons – Short Angled Return Of Serve

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Tennis return of serve – us short angles

In this two minute tip, we will show you how!

Flip the table on your opponent and own the point!

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Coach Tom Avery has held an ‘Elite Professional’ rating from the
United States Professional Tennis Association for over 36 years!

Coach Avery has appeared many times on the Tennis Channel, Tennis
Now and other outlets sharing his techniques.

He graduated from the Vic Braden Tennis College and has taught tens
of thousands of men and women of all ages and skill levels from
complete novices to nationally ranked professionals for almost four

Before starting the CTW Tennis Academy, Coach Avery coached at
prestigious tennis clubs like the Bronxville Field Club (NY), the
Ritz Carlton (FL), Ocean Edge Resort (MA), and the Waldorf Astoria (FL).

Coach Avery has pioneered new teaching methods for getting exponential
results for his students with just minor tweaks to their technique and

CTW Academy is your chance to Stop being just a scrapper and finally have
he kind of consistent game that other players will respect and Fear!

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Tom Avery's FREE Tennis Lessons will help you improve your tennis serve, tennis backhand, and tennis forehand. Get tennis training from a 35 Year USPTA Pro. He has helped players from the Tour Level to those just beginning the game. Tom guarantees if you follow his methods you will make positive changes to your game. Please visit his website at for Over 60 Minutes of FREE Instant download tips.