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In this edition of Tennis Drills and Games we take a look at the fun and creative warm up game Dinkers! This is perfect to do at the start and end of tennis hits/sessions and will get you comfortable using continental/chopper grip!

In this Tennis drill/game, two players compete in service box rallies in continental/chopper grip only. The first feed starts by placing the tennis ball on top of the net and then point is live. There are a few rules to make this drill fun and interesting. These rules are that the ball cannot be hit hard or down, therefore forces the players to be creative and use fell. Dinkers can be progressed by eliminating the volley. This forces the tennis players to move more!

This is a great drill for Tennis players of all levels and will dramatically improve creative shots such as, drop shots, slices and tweeners!

Thanks for watching the video. We will be uploading another video at the same time next week! Don’t forget to like, share and Subscribe!

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TARGETSLAM is a new Tennis Event that is being introduced into Tennis clubs across the North West of England. ALAN DOVE, the founder of TARGETSLAM, launched this Tennis initiative in late 2015 with the aim of creating an exciting, unique and fun team based Tennis experience.