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Tennis DRILLS and GAMES- Depth Challenge- Live Ball

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In this week’s video DEPTH CHALLENGE James Parker demonstrates this fun and challenging Tennis DRILL/GAME! This is our fifth of six videos in this TargetSlam tennis DRILLS and GAMES series that is focusing on live ball.

In this tennis drills/game, two players draw a line of cones around the service line area and aim to keep as many balls as possible in the area between the cones and baseline. Aiming in this area will be beneficial in matches as it will keep the ball deep in the court. This will result in keeping your opponent back behind the baseline and prevent them from attacking. This drill/game can be progressed and made more difficult by moving the line of cones deeper in the court.

This is a great drill for tennis players of an intermediate and advanced level.

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TARGETSLAM is a new Tennis Event that is being introduced into Tennis clubs across the North West of England. ALAN DOVE, the founder of TARGETSLAM, launched this Tennis initiative in late 2015 with the aim of creating an exciting, unique and fun team based Tennis experience.