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Tennis Doubles Strategy – “What’s The Right Shot?” #145

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Reality check – you’re only as good as your 2nd serve.

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by Brent Abel
45+ years tennis coaching career
7 national USA age group titles

The 2nd serve, especially in doubles, has to got to do two things for you …

1) eliminate double faults – you want to be ultra confident when you miss a 1st serve.

2) your topspin 2nd serve can’t sit up and give the returner a clear advantage.

In this complimentary course, you’re going to see the simple fundamentals that you can copy so that you build the foundation for a high quality topspin serve.

Brent Abel of, winner of 7 national USA age group titles in both singles and doubles, and a member of the Silver medal winning USA VonCramm Cup in Perth Australia in 2009, publishes FREE daily tennis instructional videos.

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