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Serve like the pros: Best How to Serve Lesson Ever

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Serve like the pros: Best How to Serve Lesson Ever!

Today’s serve lesson is going to be a real eye opener for so many tennis players!

It will really clear up some confusion out there on the serve contact point which so many struggle with.

When you have a continental grip on the serve you need to a completely different approach to the ball.

What you have done in the past will not work if you are switching from the hammer grip to the continental.

Watch today’s video and be ready to transform your serve.

USPTA Elite Professional: Peter Freeman has the highest level of USPTA testing certification. The USPTA is the largest and oldest coaching organization in the world. He has made instructional tips with Brian Gottfried, Murphy Jensen, Charlie Pasarel, and Rick Leach. Most recently he made an instructional video course with tennis legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.