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Serve Lesson: Stop missing long with the Waggle Snap

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Serve Lesson: Stop missing long with the Waggle Snap!

So many tennis players fail to improve the serve because they serve the ball long!

The answer to your serve problems is the waggle snap!

The waggle snap idea helps you keep the ball in by having serve acceleration come earlier in your serve motion.

The tennis serve is the most important shot in the sport of tennis because it gives you the Biggest Offensive opportunity.

The waggles snap will increase your racket head speed on the serve and improve your overall serve technique.

I hope you enjoyed today’s serve lesson and go out and play winning tennis

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USPTA Elite Professional: Peter Freeman has the highest level of USPTA testing certification. The USPTA is the largest and oldest coaching organization in the world. He has made instructional tips with Brian Gottfried, Murphy Jensen, Charlie Pasarel, and Rick Leach. Most recently he made an instructional video course with tennis legends, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle, and John Newcombe.