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Sample Leinster Tennis Elite Squad Session

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On Wednesday, I was very kindly offered by the Leinster Tennis Junior Performance Officer, Stephen Nugent to watch and video the “Leinster Elite Squad” (14 to 18yrs old). The session took place at West Wood Leopardstown and was run by former Davis Cup players and Leinster Squad coaches, John McGahon and Colin O’Brien. It was great to get to see what takes place at a session and the intensity shown by the players.

The following videos and lesson plan are broken into two sections. 1. Warm Up and 2. Main Session which in total lasted two hours.

This was the last session of the term before Christmas with many of the players taking part in the upcoming National Matchplays in the coming weeks, so an hour of match practice was included. After the two hours, the players took part in a one hour fitness session with Personal Trainer, Jamie Harris.

Warm Up

Main Session

Lesson Plan:

4.30pm to 4.45pm – Warm Up

4.45pm to 4.50pm – Rally in Boxes

4.50pm to 4.55pm – Rally from Baseline

4.55pm to 5.05pm – Timed depth drill (Full Court)

5.05 to 5.25pm – Timed depth drill (Crosscourt from both sides)

5.25pm to 5.30pm – Warm up volleys, smashes and serves

5.30pm to 6.30pm – Matchplay with a purpose

Before players begin their matches, they are asked what their best shot is when playing. If they hit a winner with their “best shot” e.g. forehand then they get two points instead of one.

6.30pm to 7.30pm – Fitness with personal trainer, Jamie Harris

Many thanks once again to Leinster Tennis for giving me this opportunity.

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