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Pro Tennis Reaction Drills For Better Shotmaking

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Have you ever noticed how all the tennis professionals seem to have incredible reaction time when getting to a ball? It isn’t a strange coincidence that everyone on tour has enviable reflexes, this is a SKILL that players actively work to improve. Here Kevin Anderson shares two drills you can work on to react more quickly and ultimately move faster around the court. Watch the video now and see the descriptions below.

These two drills will help you react more quickly in on court situations. The result is you will see the ball and move to the ball more quickly, getting you in position and ready to strike. For more great tennis drills visit

Born of a sincere passion for the sport, professional tennis superstar Kevin Anderson is partnering with wife Kelsey and former coach GD Jones, to offer in-depth online instruction and unprecedented access to life on the pro tennis circuit. Improve your game and experience tennis on an entirely different level as professional tennis gets personal.