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NOBODY LIKES TO LOSE, BUT… by Peter Farrell – Leinster Tennis/Tennis Coach Ireland

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Everyday of the year, all around the world, tens of thousands of tennis matches are played. And exactly 50% of the people who play in these matches end up on the losing side… But is losing a tennis match always such a bad thing? I would argue that there are in fact some benefits to losing:

  1. Losing makes you more determined to work harder and get better. Where is the incentive to improve if you are always winning?
  1. Losing makes you more willing to change your game and further develop it. For example, if you are losing to players who are causing you problems by coming to the net, you might decide to add serve and volley to your set of skills. If you get to the net first, an opponent will find it difficult to also move forward.
  1. Losing provides the opportunity to see exactly what you need to do in order to improve. If you can correctly analyse why you lost, you have a readymade list of what you need to improve in order to win the next time.
  1. Losing some matches provides opportunities to learn to face defeat with grace, dignity and even style.

Since we are all going to lose at times, why not focus on the positives that you can take from the experience?


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Peter Farrell has taught tennis for more than 30 years. He works in the field of coach education and development in Ireland and has written coaches’ training courses for Tennis Ireland. As well as developing courses, he acts as a tutor and assessor at all levels of the Tennis Ireland coaches training scheme. His book 40 Great Tennis Sessions was published in 2010. This was followed by the publication in 2011 of his second book Directing Tennis Programmes. A third book, “Tennis Coordination Exercises” was published in 2014.