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No practice partner? Videos of how you can practice your tennis skills alone!

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Following are some ways to practice your tennis skills, without the need for a practice partner…

1. Target Practice

Serve: Hitting towards targets

Bryan Brothers:

Andy Murray:

Agnieszka Radwanska: “T”, “Body” and “Wide” Serves

Groundstrokes: The following exercise is with a coach but can also be practiced alone by bouncing and hitting towards targets in different areas of the court.

2. Practice against a wall

Volleys: Exercises to practice different types of volleys

Groundstrokes: Andre Agassi showing the benefits of hitting against a wall

3. Practice with a Tennis Trainer

Tennis Trainer: Improves reflexes, timing and movement

4. Practice with a Ball Machine

Ball Machine: Doesn’t have to be an expensive machine

5. Practice with a Rebound Net

Rebound Net: Easy to setup and can practice lots of different shots

6. Improve Coordination with skills

Skills development: Self-rally skills along with hand-eye coordination skills

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