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Free Time Activities at Rafa Nadal Academy

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Rafa Nadal has transformed his training base into a high-performance academy where, together with his team, he will develop young tennis players. The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar opened it's doors in June 2016. Located in Manacor (Mallorca), Rafa Nadal’s home town, the Academy combines tennis and education so that students can continue their pathway to professional tennis without having to neglect their academic studies. The Academy has its own training system based on the experience acquired by Rafa and his technical team during his years on the ATP circuit, and including the values that have been fundamental to his achievements and success. The Academy’s team is comprised of a group of experienced coaches, directed by Toni Nadal, and by other professionals that have accompanied Rafa throughout his sporting career. The team in which he has always trusted is actively involved and has an important role at the Academy.